Voter Identification

The States should always establish and distinguish who a valid elector is. The States should also have a system in place that maintains the integrity of their voting system by means of identifying every valid elector such as their State Law determines a voter to be valid. If a state were not to maintain the integrity of their system then their would be no valid reason of having an election laws. To provide integrity to the system we encourage states to adopt serialized voting procedures which greatly increases the integrity of the voting system by allowing voters to check whether their vote counted or not.

Serialized voting works in this manner: A traditional type Ballot is printed with a serial number on it a perforated tear off section with the serial number on it and a carbon copy on the back of the ballot. You enter a room and pick randomly from a pile of a serialized ballots. You fill out and the ballot and tear off the perforated serial number ballot and you tear off the carbon copy off the back. You turn your ballot in to be scanned and you get the perforated tear off portion stamped and signed by a poll worker. Once all the ballots have been scanned the ballot serial number and the way the vote was cast is posted onto a website. You can go to the website and make sure you ballot was cast properly before the results are certified. If your results are wrong you bring the two forms of identification (the carbon copy and tear off) into your local board of election and let them review the ballot. You will then be able to go through the process again.

Serialized voting helps to maintain the integrity of the voting process and greatly minimizes voter fraud.




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