Social Security

One of the most massive problems the Federal Government has gotten us into is the Social Security program. We should expect that it will take an equally massive solution to correct the injustice that has been perpetrated upon the American people. Medicare, Medicaid and other federal programs threaten to not only destroy our way of life but the way of life for many future generations. When sitting down at the dinner table with the Federal Government here is an example of the check the Fed is leaving you to pay. 


The cost per U.S. household of unfunded promises made by federal, state and local government:

Social Security$144,251
Federal debt$43,380
Military benefits$25,863
State and local debt$17,537
Federal civil- servant benefits$14,374
State and local retiree benefits$13,114
Other federal obligations$2,548

Source: USA TODAY research 2008; numbers rounded

Estimates now put the number of Unfunded liabilities at 65 Trillion dollars. The majority of American households could never pay off a $516,348 bill and yet this is what we have to do.

Monumental problems call for monumental solutions and here is a relic of a solution from the past that if revamped and combined with the other programs outlined in this platform would eliminate this debt in as little as 20 years.

The social security program was supposed to only put aside your earnings and let them appreciate in an interest bearing account so you would have a nest egg for your retirement. That is how it was sold but in reality it became something totally different. Social security benefits now depend upon new workers wages to supplement the benefits of those currently receiving social security benefits. The problem is we are an aging nation and there are not enough young to pay for the old. To merely kick the can down the road or attempt to reform it is not really an option. The program must simply end right now and then we must concentrate on getting those who were forced to participate paid off. While this program may indeed be a very popular program it is neither constitutional nor is it sustainable. You know if you are a restaurant owner and you sell a steak dinner for a dollar the public will love you but you also know you won't stay in business for too long. The only reason why medicare, medicaid, and social security has lasted as long as it has is because of three reasons:

  1. The Social Security System has been made into a ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff look like a rank amateur.
  2. The Federal Government  can change the terms of the contract with the American citizen for Social Security benefits at any time and has done so numerous times.
  3. The Government can print money at will.
The Sovereignty Platforms Solution to the Social Security problem is a very bold and sensible solution no matter how implausible the solution might seem.

By immediately stopping the forced purchase of social security and phasing out the benefits as senior citizens pass on we will end the continual drain on our society and  yet we must find some way to pay for those that have paid into the system but the government has spent the money. At the point our plan is put into effect only states may operate such a program such as requiring a certain amount of your pay be place in some sort of retirement fund.

By the Federal government immediately ending the program of  Social Security and changing it's taxing structure such as referenced in the Sovereignty Platform's sovereign monetary system this will give the markets the liquidity needed to start expanding and jump start our economy. By not issuing debt to cover our currency and then turning to a labor based Sovereign Currency we will quickly start to pay off our massive debts.  By a mandatory tithing placed upon contingency awards to legal counsel by 50% and punitive damage awards to the plaintiff by 100%. These tithings will be paid to medical charities of the legal counsel's and plaintiff's choice. This tort reform will quickly do away with many frivolous law suits and immediately bring down medical cost with this Tort reform. The next step will be is protecting doctors that accept medicare patients by making it illegal to sue those doctors for malpractice. This will eliminate doctors malpractice insurance and greatly reduce the cost for government paying for healthcare services. This will extend the sustainability of Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.

These steps will help but the solution must still solve the trillions of dollars the government must pay out to Social security beneficiaries over the next 70 to 80 years. Since the Government does not produce a product for which it sells to earn a profit, and higher taxes is not an option, America must look at her assets as a solution. Americas problems can be resolved by selling assets to citizens, creating assets, and enhancing assets to sell at a profit to citizens.

America has many problems that can be resolved with a single massive solution. These problems are:
  1. Prevent Social Security Insolvency
  2. Solve our illegal immigration problem
  3. Secure out Southern Border
  4. Provide a potable water supply for the dry arid southwest United States.
  5. Provide full employment for all US Citizens
  6. Help eliminate high food prices
  7. Provide a system of immigration reform where citizenship is earned
  8. Provide cheap electricity to the entire country
  9. Lessen Mexico's dependence upon America and reduce the need for Mexicans to immigrate to America
  10. Reduce the cost to incarcerate prisoners
The solution to the such monumental problems call for the largest project to ever be under taken by mankind and will dwarf by comparison the building of the China Wall. This idea was the brain child of Barry Goldwater and was rejected because of costs. But because of technology and a change in our Monetary system a large project like this is just what America needs to pay off years of debt in one fell swoop.

China has been working on a 50 year North-South water project that takes water from the H2O abundant South and  transfers it to the water starved North. When the China water project is finished it will ostensibly be a modern engineering marvel that will surpass the grandeur of the Great Wall of China. Our solution to asset enhancement would greatly surpass China's 50 year project within only 12 years.

Southwest Texas, Southern Arizona, and New Mexico are some of the driest places in America. The Federal Government also owns som of it's largest tract of land of land in these areas. There are literally millions of acres of land in the southwest that remain unproductive because of a lack of water. Creating an East-West Water supply along our 2,200 mile southern border would be a way to hydrate the largely unused and sparsely populated Southwest. By making an agreement with cash starved Mexico to feed water into the Sonoran Desert on the Mexican side of the border we could build a 2,200 mile long transcontinental irrigation and energy canal. This relatively worthless land, once irrigated and supplied with cheap electricity, would increase the value of the Southwestern lands a thousand fold. This plan will produce a tropical climate by connecting the pacific to the Atlantic.
  • Is this a massive undertaking?
  • Most definitely!
  • Is it impossible?
  • Americans are used to doing the impossible after all they put a man on the moon, which was once thought to be an impossible task.
American engineering, labor, and know how can get this done. The question is how can it be done affordably?

  1. By setting up an early prison work release program with expungement opportunities for convicts that all states may participate in...we could leverage a great amount of labor for those that wish a new start by wiping their slate clean in exchange for their labor in the program. With the expensive cost of imprisoning inmates many states would happily hand over their convicts in order to reduce costs.
  2. While we do not condone illegal immigration we will be opening up millions of acres to manufacturing and agricultural production. We will need a lot of new workers. Our plan is to increase prison time for illegal immigration to 5 years or allow illegals to step forward on their own and participate in a rapid naturalization program where illegals that turn themselves in may work 400 days on the transcontinental canal, pass an English test, and an American History test and then would become naturalized citizens.
  3. New immigrants wishing to immigrate to America may do so on a fast track process of passing the perfunctory exams and work for at least 200 days on the canal to earn citizenship.
  4. The government will give any American that works on the project for 200 days first shot at all government jobs above those who have not participated.
  5. Students that participate in the project by working 400 days will receive 4 years of college tuition and will be accepted at all Colleges and Universities before non-laborers.
With these types of programs we expect close to 4 million people to participate on a yearly basis over a twelve year period.

As the Trans-Continental  Canal is built 30 Nuclear power and Desalination Cogeneration Plants will be built as well and they will use the canals salty sea water from the Pacific or Atlantic to make fresh potable water.

There are over 22,000 dry lakes that are concentrated within 100 miles of the canal that can have their salty basins excavated and be filled with fresh water and act as a reservoir for towns and cities. The Canal will cut through natural canyons in the  Rocky Mountains and a great deal of the Rio Grande will be widened and deepened by such a project.

Small Nuclear Batteries will help facilitate the construction of the canal by providing power in remote locations and as the canal begins to provide water then Nuclear power plant will come online to provide power to new cities.

The resulting appreciation in land sales coupled with water and electrical sales on the expansion of economic activity will not only pay for the canal but pay for the Social Security shortfall as well. 

Since the Canal will form a barrier between the US and Mexico it will greatly decrease the illegal traffic between our two countries and because of the presence of more law enforcement because of he communities that will spring up on the canal more illegal activity will be prevented.

< eliminates Social Security as being a product that you are forced to purchase as a means of employment > personal Sovereignty

< places any mandatory insurance program in the hands of the state > state Sovereignty
 [ good but a hard sell ]



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