Race Relations and Affirmative Action

Race relations:  Through education and the freedom to choose the schools to attend for our children, we will eliminate racial hatred.

We are a free nation, the only nation in history that went to war to abolish slavery. All citizens are in charge of their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as Guaranteed in the US Constitution. You can be a responsible individual and strive for any profession you choose. No one, No Government, No organization or no individual can tell you what you have to be or what you don’t have to be, or do. It is your responsibility to recognize the true rights of freedom and to recognize the true rights of others.

Our education system has failed our country. They have not adequately taught the difference between a right and a privilege. They have not educated our free citizens on the Constitutions, both Federal and State. Our State Constitution protects us from the Federal Constitution. It is time we understand our Freedoms provided by both of these two documents.

 Race is not a color or a nationality that decides they are a superior or inferior race and that they can or cannot be successful. It is YOU a free human being, a creature of God that decides this. If you are truly free race is not an issue. If you know how to love , you are a free individual.

If Racism is defined as one racing claiming to be superior over another, can it be defined as one race being defined as inferior to another? How can our government write laws that make any race believe they should have more or deserve more than others and call it a right???  Well it is a wrong! They have wronged you of your Freedom to think and be responsible.

Our physical and cultural differences are obvious among us, yet this heritage is loved and appreciated by many different cultures across all lines of us, the people of this great republic.

The ugliness that divides us between our unique differences, are made distinct only by those who hate. Those who hate will never see the heart, the soul and the integrity of the human as a free individual.

Those who love and love our country understand all races have contributed to the founding and the forging of this nation. Those who love don’t focus on our differences they accept all peoples as the makeup of what makes the USA, the exceptional Country it is has become.

Those who would like to see our country fail, work to pit our races and nationalities against each other as a means to an end, the end of our Liberty.

It is time that we all become American. American Indian, American African, American Italian, American Jew and, how does this sound, I am American?

When we accept our colors and nationalities as one, as human, as brothers and sisters being the makeup of our Great Nation, we will then truly be free. Our God given freedom will ring like that of the first striking of the liberty bell. We must know in our hearts WE ARE AMERICAN.

It is time for academia from K thru 12 to teach the meaning of Independence, Liberty, The Republic, The Constitutions both State and Federal, and the freedoms you are guaranteed by both constitutions. Teach the freedom to choose and the responsibility we all have to keep the great country free for our children and grandchildren.

With this knowledge of our heritage we will surpass our expectations as a nation. The education system when refined from the public school monopoly will then also be free, free to teach that all races and nationalities have sacrificed together as one since the War of Independence through the current wars of today.

When we join together with the knowledge of the founding of this Exceptional Country, we will then become united and be called by one name, I am American. You are American. We fundamentally reject all forms of affirmative action programs.




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