Prostitution is an ancient occupation, and though people reserve the right to choose their employment and what they do with their own lives, this behavior challenges States and puts an undue burden on its population and resources. Each community where prostitution is evident, there is a greater need for more police than what a peaceful community would need, which in turn raises the need for States to remain on the graces of federal grants. This dilemma does not legitimately raise revenue that in turn is placed back in the community, but instead creates an environment rich for drugs, murder, disease, and theft; all of which are very detrimental to the general welfare of the public.

It has been found that prostitution usually starts by a person getting hooked on drugs, then unable to keep and maintain a job, resorts to the only way left to support themselves, selling their body. The other terrifying reality of prostitution is the trafficking of children, the enslavement of our youth, the decline of families and lack of overall happiness and security of our neighborhoods.

What can states do to minimize this awful peril to our society? First, States can create an environment rich for other trades, eliminate regulations, taxes and obstacles for other productive means of income. for even those with limited skills. When a State operates like a free society and does not over burden its citizens, the citizens are freer to create jobs, products, and services that are more productive and useful to society.  But when a State over taxes, regulates and controls their people they will only revert to the easiest means of supporting themselves and that is usually an illegal and dangerous means of black-market, under the table, cash only, employment. States can institute their own means of dealing with the problem and from a more local level, communities can create reputable safe-way houses for those who wish to change professions. Each state and local agency addresses the issue by adopting sound principles which are sustainable in that community.

States must take the initiative to do what they can to protect their youth and their future. It is evident, that more laws, more regulation, more taxes,etc....etc. only creates more illegal activity. States that support and embrace a free society will have less need for control of that society.

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