Prison Reform

Any good system of law has to have a good deterrent to breaking those laws so their is a personal incentive to obey the law. Without consequences there is no law. We advocate to not sentence prisoners to time served but to work and training completed. Rehabilitation should be a part of any good prison system to help decrease recidivism rates and so education and job training are a legitimate concern to releasing law-breakers from prison. A good portion of their prison stay should be punishment and productive hard labor would be a deterrent that would reduce the cost of imprisonment for the people. Merely caging a prisoner can have the effect of a resentment of society and making their stay too cushy may not serve as a deterrent.

One of our larger costs in the United States is road construction as because we are such a large country we need many roads and prisoners can do a lot to reduce the costs of our roads and they can do this year round in any climate.

Streets and Highways made from concrete brick pavers last far longer than asphalt streets and highways. The reason why they are used primarily in Europe and not the United States is because of the upfront costs of a paver Street. By using prison labor we can greatly reduce those upfront manufacturing and installation costs and we will be left with roads that need far less maintenance and last far longer than asphalt roads and are much cheaper to repair.

We recommend turning our prisons into factories producing pavers and use prison crews to install paver roads. This can only be accomplished by reforming the way we sentence convicts and we believe they must be sentenced to a certain amount of hard labor and a certain amount of training and education for re-integration into society. Failure for a prisoner to complete either one will prevent them from re-entering society and will keep them imprisoned indefinitely. So while working while being imprisoned would be optional getting out of prison is dependent upon you working and not just passing days in a cell being idle.

The reduction in costs to the expense of our roads would be massive and we would be able to reduce the amount of the Federal road tax which would make gas more affordable to everyone. It is in this way the Prisons will cease to be a cost center [ good ]



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