Peace Through Strength

Our military needs to be strong but it does not necessarily need to be large to be strong. Many military bases remain open simply because of economic pressures and the resulting loss to local communities and states or foreign countries when bases are closed. We need to end the practice of economic subsidization through our military bases.

Expanding and enhancing military intelligence and the CIA is one of the best ways to ensure we never have to go to war as we can identify and eliminate potential threats early on.

Re-activating the Star Wars program and developing a missile defense shield should be a top priority as this type of system would negate the need for any escalation of nuclear armaments as this would render those weapons of mass destruction ineffective.

Superior armaments and superior mobilization vehicles will allow America to act and respond swiftly to any threats. Modernization of our current vehicles and armaments will be a top priority.

We encourage a great expansion of our air and sea defensive capabilities so we have the ability to strike anywhere in the world without having to rely on other countries for assistance. We also encourage the development of technologically advanced land based tactical weapons platforms.

We will greatly expand our military space capabilities and would greatly expand our Air Force, Navy, and Marines while greatly contracting our largest branch of the military, the Army. We would concentrate on expanding our special forces personnel such as the Green Berets, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, and Delta Force programs.

We would reduce our standing army to the readiness and response of the Green Berets, Army Rangers, and Army National Guard. All other bases would be closed and shuttered. Older military assets would be sold to the States, then to US Corporations, then to NATO and Friendly countries. Newer assets will be distributed to state national guard bases and to the U.S. Marine Corp.

From the numbers we have been provided our military is in over 100 countries with over 700 military bases.

We intend to safely and responsibly remove our military from 70 countries and close 550 military bases while at the same time expanding and enhancing the the bases we do keep with the latest technology and superior armaments. 6 foreign bases will be greatly expanded and they are:

  • Andersen AFB Apra Harbor, Guam
  • Balad Air Base Anaconda, Iraq
  • Bezmer Air Base Bulgaria
  • Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean
  • Guantanamo Bay in Cuba
  • Manas Airbase in Kirgistan

As a constitutional issue, “Peace through Strength” means:
1)       Protecting our borders.
2)       Protecting the rights and liberties of the people.
3)       Ensuring domestic tranquility.
4)       Maintaining strong local state governments by the people.
5)       Sound monetary policy.
6)       Competitive commerce, trade, job markets, industry.
7)       Military forces prepared to defend America.
8)       Statesmen who can resolve issues of foreign policy using negotiation and diplomacy.
9)       Protecting the right to keep and bear arms.
10)   High quality education and technical expertise.
Peace through Strength does not imply aggression, conquest, or coercion.

We believe and encourage our citizens to be armed. This is why we believe that anyone with no felonies and of stable mind and character, that wish to  possess fully automatic weapons and incendaries be allowed to do so with 1 year of military training and 7 days per year there after until age 65. This allows us to saturate the public with weapons that can be used as a great deterrent to any invading force. This is not unlike what Switzerland and Austria do.
A people armed and free, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition and is a bulwark for the nation against foreign invasion and domestic oppression."
--James Madison
"To be prepared for War is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace."
President George Washington

We believe in supporting Ronald Reagan’s three most important pillars of national security

  1. peace through strength;
  2. trust but verify; and
  3. beware of evil in the modern world. We followed that wisdom. And communism collapsed. The Soviet empire crumbled. Tyrants everywhere fell onto the ash heap of history. And emerging democracies and markets gave promise to the long held desire of human kind for peace and prosperity.

The first pillar, "strength", Reagan described was both military and economic—the two worked hand in hand. We did not apologize for our military power. It created the peace. And we did not demonize prosperity. Pursuing happiness is right there in our Constitution.

The second pillar, "agreements or deals", whether with friend or foe were, only as good as our ability to ensure their implementation. While verification was most associated with the arms control agreements Reagan negotiated with the former Soviet Union, it applied to much more. The corollary was that in the absence of verifiability, we did not trust our adversaries. Reagan was also saying: "Don't trust if you can't verify".

The third pillar, and the one often forgotten, is that Reagan understood that evil stalks the modern world. And this was true, whether it was the communism of the Soviet Union, the gulag that was Vietnam and Cambodia, or the murderous regimes in Iran, North Korea, Grenada or Cuba, or as important, their terrorist allies and accomplices
Today we have infiltration through porous borders from the Taliban, Drug Lords, and Islamic fundamentalist. This policy cannot be glossed over as it is being done by the current administration. China, Russia, and other nuclear powers are becoming allied or supporting rogue countries like N. Korea, Iran, and Venezuela.This is unconscionably letting our country wide open to a horrific terrorist attack.
Our Country has yet to see biological, chemical, or nuclear attack that would eliminate a much larger population than that of 9-11. It is of the highest importance for the Federal Government to protect our borders and develop a second to none defense.
 [ shouldn't the Army be the responsibility solely of the states? ] [ We were talking of modernizing the Navy fleet but downsizing ]


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