The income tax system is so convoluted and complex that almost nobody can understand it.  Yet it is aggressively misapplied and enforced against the people without their knowledge how, exactly, it attaches to them.  The income tax system places undue burdens upon the American people and businesses directly through the federal government.  A new, constitutionally friendly, taxing system must be established that does not take unfair advantage of the people.  The new system would be universal, simple to apply, easy to understand, and eliminate burdens upon businesses.

A consumption tax is the best taxing system. The states would collect a sales tax and in turn send the funds to the federal government as appropriate.  As it was originally intended the state would stand between the federal government and the people with a sales tax system.  The people spend by choice therefore controlling the amount of tax they pay.  The tax is on what the people spend only not everything they earn.  In most states the sales tax system already exists, just change the percent charged.  IRS will be eliminated and no longer be able to send people to jail and churches will no longer be controlled by the 501 (c) 3 contracts by the IRS.  Churches can then return to their responsibility of teaching good stewardship of government without fear of arrest. 

The Department of the IRS would be eliminated under our plan.

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