The sovereignty of the individual over government extends to a person’s right to make their own healthcare decisions.  Enforcing a law that mandates individuals purchase health care or pay a federal penalty infringes on our liberties and our freedom to choose.

The Constitution provides for a limited government that respects the rights of the people.  It does not give government the authority to dictate what health care coverage a person does or does not have.

The right of the individual to make their own health care choices without government interference is paramount and should be safeguarded.  The federal government has no business interfering in personal health care choices.

In addition to repealing Obama Care, we support the following initiatives that would lower health care costs and improve coverage for all Americans.

1)     Allow the purchase of Health Insurance across state lines.  Everyone should have the legal right to purchase a health insurance plan that best meets their needs, regardless of what state they live in.  Not only would this give the individual an opportunity to choose a lower cost plan but would also have the added benefit of encouraging competition among insurance companies.

2)     Expand Health Savings Accounts to provide a cost effective health insurance alternative to those who would otherwise go uninsured.

3)     Enact tort reform to end the financially crippling lawsuits that force doctors to pay insurance costs of hundreds of thousands each year.  Costs which are then passed on to individuals resulting in much higher prices for health care.

4)     Repeal federal government mandates requiring what insurance companies must cover. Governmental mandates have added billions of dollars to health care costs.  It’s past time that insurance determinations are made by the consumers and not special interests groups.

Health Care reform is needed but socialized medicine is not the answer.  The solution must include individual choice and reduce the costs of health care for all Americans.

By outlawing the right to sue a doctor for malpractice for government paid for procedures such as medicare this will help to reduce costs until medicare can be repealed. We would also encourage states to implement Tort reform in their state.

Furthermore the Federal Government could impose a 100% tithing equal to the amount of all punitive damage awards to make frivolous lawsuits look less advantageous to lawyers trying to game the system and cases being fought on a contingency basis could have the tithing set at 50% of the legal counsels share of the award.




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