Foreign Policy

Our foreign policy should be at all times firm, vigorous and dignified, and all our interests in the Western hemisphere carefully watched and guarded.

The massacres in the middle east and Africa by radical Islamic extremist have aroused the deep sympathy and just indignation of the American people, and we believe that the United States should exercise all the influence it can properly exert to bring these atrocities to an end. In Israel, American residents have been exposed to the gravest dangers, and American property destroyed. There, and everywhere, American citizens and American property must be absolutely protected at all hazards and at any cost. We should have a policy of supporting indigenous freedom fighters so we do not have to be directly involved and lessen the need to flex our military might unless directly attacked. Freedom cannot be handed to a people on a silver platter and for us to expect that freedom to last when it is not earned is foolhardy

I will reassert the right of the United States to respond unilaterally to the appeals of any American State or treatied ally for military intervention in case of radical Islamic encroachment. We have interfered, and shall no longer interfere, with the existing possessions of any Islamic Power in the Eastern hemisphere, but those possessions must not, on any pretext, be extended. I hopefully look forward to the eventual withdrawal of Western Powers from the Eastern hemisphere, and to the ultimate union of free people.

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