The Family Unit

The family is the very smallest and first form of government in which a child encounters rightful authority, virtue, laws, and civility as it relates to a civilized society and should be protected, nurtured, and strengthen by less interference from any other form of government. When a child is taught to obey authority, honor their faith and respect their country, they are more likely to mature into the other governments and maintain that harmony within society.

The Family is established with 3 branches of government with the Father being the Executive, Mother being the Legislative, and lastly the children being the Judicial. If the mother makes good laws so that the father can enforce properly, but his main job is to ensure peace, the children are more likely to obey such laws and there is harmony, prosperity and growth in the family unit of government. That same should apply to all levels of government.

All other levels of government including the school, township, county, state and the United States must remain in their jurisdiction without putting undue restraints, legalism and convoluted tactics upon the family for any other purpose but to protect, nurture and strengthen the family unit. Each governmental unit must clearly understand and abide to its jurisdiction, playing its independent role in society and not compromising or usurping any power from the other. Each level working in harmony for the common good for all peoples. Each family will be sovereign in their household to choose the best possible education for their children; choose the best medical treatments for their children; choose their own mode of worship and be guaranteed under the constitutions those rights will not be violated.

The security of a sovereign people can only be maintained if we bring authentic knowledge of our government to children in such a way that the welfare or well being of the country will remain in the hearts of her people.



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