Faith Based Initiatives

Faith Based Initiatives:

After reviewing several historical documents and cases based on the Separation of Church and State issues stated earlier, it brings a very controversial question upon the constitutionality of the Faith Based Initiatives that were introduced by President George W. Bush in two executive orders in 2002. The policy he established would allow “faith-based” groups to receive federal and state grant money to fund certain social programs in a localized setting to better reach the impoverished and needy families of their community. At first glance this would seem like a great idea, but after further study, this policy has many areas for confusion and corruption.

First let us look at the confusion this policy creates. 1) America is home to a wide diversity of religious and non-religious peoples, some are more extreme in theology than others and when taxpayers are forced to give their money to an institution they already do not trust and can barely handle the responsibility of debt and other responsibilities, why should people trust this very government to dole out grants to cunning and crafty religious organizations with little accountability and record of their success or failure report to the public that funds these grants. 2) When a FBI receives this money, they enter into a contract with the government that must uphold job discrimination issues and further puts the control of a religion in the hands of government.  3) Although it was interesting to see so many different religious leaders come together and discuss policies relating to the poor and needy, putting a heavy tax burden on the people, controlled by the federal government to support all religions, and then for this policy to create more bureaucracy in Congress to form committees to oversee the distributions of these funds seems rather counterproductive and is not supported by the Constitution. We should have learned by now how important it is to make sound, stable policies that can withstand the test of time and can be secured from one administration to the next and not be breeding grounds for countless judiciary atrocities.

Second is the level of corruption this political entity creates. Several churches and religious groups have applied and received millions of dollars from our government to support jails, community safe houses and single-parent support groups and other noble social interest programs; however, this money has been used to secure votes from the supporters who received these special funds and is not clearly a benefit to those who are forced to attend for fear of losing the basic necessities from these organizations. Furthermore, Americans have no decisions or choice of the matter should Congress vote to send billions of dollars to other countries to build Mosques or other religious programs and ministries used to coerce citizens in joining their organization. We must be very careful that any political party cannot use grants as a means of coercing entire religions or vise versa.

Let me be very clear, America has a chance to a hopeful and brighter future based on true liberty and freedom. We can support philanthropic organizations but must safeguard America from becoming theocratic cults who proselytize those of different beliefs. And that door swings both ways. We need to be mature in policy making, but as citizens, we need to grow up and not be so thin skinned and offended by those of other beliefs. We can encourage faiths of all types by allowing them more freedom to enter into commerce to raise necessary funds for their goals, this would eliminate their dependence on 501c3 contract and as stated in the Constitution they are already a non-taxable institution and that should be reinforced through allowing them the ability to openly discuss governmental policy where ever and whenever they see fit.  Congress has no responsibility to take money from one hand to feed another based on a person’s religious prerogative but instead should encourage and defend any group to reach out to their community and help those in the local community.  The States should be given every opportunity to work with religious and non-religious leaders to address this issue and as long as taxpayers or grants are not involved, innovative and simple solutions can be obtained.

This stand on Faith-Based Initiatives is in no way shape or form to be misinterpreted as being non-Christian or non supportive of religious organizations, but instead to eliminate the control and leverage the Federal government has on the taxpaying citizens that if given their choice could make better use of their money in their own community to the organization of their choice and remove the bureaucracy of having to create more government paid officials that would be better left to the people. If we allow the state and federal government to enter into contracts with religious organizations without the peoples discretion, then the government can use these doles as a means to solicit votes, create a mountain of litigations on our court system, and as more community leaders see a way to receive these grants it would create more titles of “religions” just to be eligible to receive these grants. 

America is not a country of one religion, but a country that owes her freedom, prosperity and future to Almighty God.




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