Electoral College Vs Popular Vote

We believe the Electoral College is essential to our federalist republic and must be retained.  Eliminating it in favor of the popular vote would undermine the careful balance of power designed by the Founding Fathers and lead to the nationalization of our federal government.

The Electoral College was designed to represent each state‚Äôs voice in the choice for the presidency.  In our system of government the collective opinion of the individual state populations is considered more important that the opinion of the national population taken as a whole. By doing so, the framers recognized that in order to prevent larger states from dominating national elections; a system was needed to provide a voice to those living in less populated ones.  This is the careful and well thought out design of the Electoral College; it obliges presidential candidates to campaign for popular support in states across the country rather than simply relying on larger urban areas.  Requiring wide spread support unifies the nation as a whole as opposed to relying solely on highly populated areas which would undermine our cohesiveness as a nation.

The Electoral College must be retained and we strongly oppose any attempt to abolish it.




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