Drugs and the FDA

Prescription Drug Patents

We must make a moral determination of where honest profit ends and greed begins. The only certainties we can state at this time is that the perception of the pharmaceutical industry’s profits are they are unconscionable because they have such influence in writing the current laws and use have been shown to use unscrupulous tactics and misdirection whenever possible. We believe that a task force should investigate all aspects of pharmaceutical company operations; review, evaluate, and suggest revisions of the current laws for equity toward all involved, elimination of all self-policing, and to ensure adequate oversight; the industry must not be allowed to continue to misrepresent or hide the results of studies. The several states should insist upon this because the federal government is not meeting the requirements which its contract with them requires, and the states’ Sovereignty allows them to enforce those requirements.

FDA Oversight of Prescription Drugs

By the states forming a compact on the food and drugs sold in their state with other states the FDA could essentially be eliminated and remain as only a state oversight coordinator allowing the state governments the right of oversight of Pharmaceutical companies in their state. It is in this way we can increase the diversity of oversight from one to many which would allow for better compliance as it would be a much harder system to corrupt. 

The Federal Government could always retain the option to purchase the Patent of drugs they feel should become a generic drug. By paying a drug manufacturer an average of 5 years worth of sales plus legitimate research and development costs the Federal Government could then sell the patent rights to many competing companies which would effectively reduce the cost of manufacturing drugs while not costing the taxpayers extra and preserves the capitalist system. If there is no profit in developing and making new drugs then there will very quickly be no new drugs.

The “War” on Illegal Drugs

The cost of this “War” debilitates our government and unnecessarily criminalizes citizens.  In cases in which no commerce issues are involved, it violates states’ Sovereignty.  The States should be able to declare what drugs they want legalized and which ones they want to make illegal whether they be for medical use or for recreational use.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

We are charged by our Creator with stewardship of our dominion: the Earth, and the creatures within it; our laws should ensure that the natural order is protected.  It is unconstitutional to give anyone a patent which conveys the right to produce a product which will encroach upon the natural order, eventually totally replace a natural species, and deprive everyone of the ability to reproduce the natural product, thus allowing the patent holder to create a monopoly for himself; this enables the one to unfairly deprive everyone else of their right.   Purchase of any product should be a choice of the purchaser, not by a necessity manufactured by the product’s producer; any law to the contrary violates both the Law of the God of Nature and the Constitution.  [Modified as language was too confrontational]



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