Common Law

Our Constitution and its Articles are based upon common law, which is no longer taught, not even to lawyers.  Over the more than 10 generations since they were drafted, the opponents of true Federalism (defined as it was understood and implemented by the majority of our Forefathers, not as it is today) have, by means of duplicitous constitutional amendments, contract law, statutes, and public policy, removed many of the benefits to Citizens of the common law, from both our governments and our legal system.  The several states have the right to hold the federal government to the terms of the original contract (the foundations of our federal government: the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, its Preamble, and its first 10 Amendments).

We must return to the common law, and the intent of these foundational documents, because amendments subsequent to the 10th diminish states rights to the point at which the several states no longer have the capability of controlling the creature they created.  If we do not do this, the several states’ Sovereignty will soon be lost forever, and with it, all Freedom.




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