Campaign Finance Reform

The elections here in the United States are won and lost by money and not in the sphere of ideas. This must change so Americans can take advantage of all ideas even if the candidate touting those ideas is not well financed. What would happen if candidates were prohibited from advertising in Print Media, Radio, and Television? Far less money would be spent on the hype of their campaigns. The internet is a tool that can deliver all three forms of media at a much smaller cost helping to level the playing field for a candidate with less name recognition. The internet has no more barriers than; print media (that you pay for), Television (You have to buy a piece of electronic equipment), or radio  (again you have to buy a piece of electronic equipment). With computers you have to only buy a piece of equipment (like a PC or Laptop or use one at a library normally for free) and then get service which can be free (wifi) or dialup and DSL service. The internet will help level the playing field between candidates and we believe America should have the discussion at drastically reducing the costs for candidates to run for any elected office. Between yard signs and campaign rallys and the internet that is really all that is needed to reach everbody in our modern society. [ Don't think this would pass constitutional muster and does not relate to a states right issue ]

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