Alternative Lifestyles in the Military

We do not oppose those choosing an alternative lifestyle from participating in the defense of our nation. We do have reservations of those choosing an alternative lifestyle in participating in the theater of battle because of loyalty and unit cohesion between members. Because blood borne contamination is so prevalent during battle and hand to hand combat could this not affect unit cohesion in the response of fellow soldiers to perform life saving techniques upon someone when they know them to be homosexual for fear of contracting a disease such as AIDS? As unfair as this may seem it is a legitimate fear. We believe it is time for America to have this discussion about those with alternative lifestyles and the possible disharmony that may be bred among a fighting unit. It is about time we have this discussion with those heroes that defend this great nation and with those most likely to be in a situation where blood contamination would be an issue. Our heroes that can best answer the question of homosexuals in combat roles other than that those with alternative lifestyles should not be prevented from serving.




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